290616 Keskiviikko

For time:
300m run
24 kettlebell swing 24/16
300m run
24 kettlebell snatch 24/16
300m run
24 kettlebell one-arm overhead squat 24/16
300m run

first 12 repetitions on other arm then the other

Matias S.

270616 Maanantai


4×10 repetitions

Increase your weight 2,5/5kg from last time (10reps). After the first 10 repetitions lower the weight to 80% for the following 3 sets. Rest maximum 5 minutes between sets.

Do a set of 5-10 Pull-ups, then immediately do a set of 5-15 ring rows. Repeat this for 4 sets with 3 minute pauses in between.

Matias U.