HUOM! Pikkusali varattu keskiviikkoissin 17.30-19.00 (viikot 13-20)

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Clean warm-up

Power Clean
Deed Power Clean
3×5 reps @40% from 1RM clean
1 set 3 sec pauses
2nd set 2 sec pauses
3rd set 1 sec pauses

Split Jerk
10-8-6-4-2 @45%1rm rest as needed

Open Winner: Teen Titan Devyn Kim

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20 reps deadlift at 50%or less from estimated 1RM
add 2,5-5kg from the last time

then every 4 minutes for 3 sets,
10 deadlift at the same weight

3 rounds alternating with a partner,
10 barbell row
20 walking lunges (weighted)

Video Contest Winner: Jeff Puryear