220617 Torstai

As many repetitions as possible:
5 minutes – 4 minutes – 3 minutes – 2 minutes – 1 minute of,
row calories
box jump 20″
rest 1 minute between rounds

Split up repetitions as you want as long as you do the same amount of both. If a set is uncompleted before the next time period, start with the remaining reps. You can do ex. 20 reps on both or 10 reps on both.

Kaisa Karhuvaara made it to the finals at the Sawotta-competition placing 8th. Kaisa has had her bad luck and misfortunes before in competitions, so it was really great to see her go through a solid performance.
Pic:Marko Vallius

210617 Keskiviikko


For time:
clean 62,5/40
ring dips

Compare your score

Johannes Simola was 4th in the men’s open category at Sawotta-competition. This was Johannes’ first competition outside our gym and he cashed in just as expected. We still have lots of work but we know we’re going to the right direction.
Pic:Marko Vallius

200617 Tiistai

20 reps deadlift at 50% or less from estimated 1RM
add 2,5-5kg from the last time

then every 5 minutes for 3 sets,
10 deadlift at the same weight

If you have reached a point where you think 20 repetitions is no longer possible, change the first set to 10 reps and the last 3 sets at 70% from the first 10 reps.

Kaisa Niinivirta won bronze at Sawotta-competition in Sawonlinna in the women’s open category. Kaisa has been with us for a while now and it’s nice to see her developing as an athlete to the level she is now, where she can start to challenge the top competition in Finland. We’re super proud!
Pic: Marko Vallius