210418 Lauantai

Deload week

Team workout for time:
3k ski
45 clean & jerk 50/35
45 toes to bar
2k ski
30 clean & jerk 50/35
30 toes to bar
1k ski
15 clean & jerk 50/35
15 toes to bar

Teams of three, one works at a time.

Sami L.

200418 Perjantai

Deload week

Rotator twists
2x 10 rep

Sots press
3x 5 rep

Snatch balance complex 2×3 rep
A. Press snatch balance
B. Heaving snatch balance
C. Snatch balance
D. Overhead squat

Snatch complex
On the minute for 12 minutes:

1.Snatch Pull + Muscle Snatch.
2.Power Snatch + Deep Power
3.Snatch + 2 overhead squat
4. rest

increase weight if possible between rounds

190418 Torstai

Deload week

Handstand skills

Move from one movement to another:
3 x hold (korean) dip bottom
3 x hold skin the cat bottom
3 x hold tucked front lever
3 x hold tucked back lever
3 sets of prone fly’s
3 sets of hinge rows
3 sets of single bar dips
3 sets of ring rows

Skin the Cat Progression

180418 Keskiviikko

Deload week

As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:
800m run
30 hang power snatch 30/20
800m run
20 hang power snatch 30/20
800m run
10 hang power snatch 30/20
800m run
AMRAP hang squat snatches 30/20, add 10/5kg after every lift

Keep intensity at 70%

Jouni H.