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How to start?

Join an On-ramp group here. On On-ramp you’ll learn the basics of CrossFit training, both the movements and training protocol. On-ramp consists of 12 workouts in which we’ll be able to work on the conditioning as well. It doesn’t matter what level you are on fitness wise, anyone can join. A big part of the On-ramp is getting to know yourself as an athlete and finding out suitable movement scales for yourself. After On-ramp you’ll be able to join classes.

Drop-in policy

If you’ve trained CrossFit before and would like to drop-in for a class, please contact us at [email protected]. Drop-in price for Open gym (training by yourself) is 9€ and for a group class 14€. Please let us know If you’re staying for a longer period so we can figure out the best deal for you.

For a longer stay you can join our booking page here where you can book a class for yourself. You can use your Facebook login or make an account with your email. After logging in, choose “tunnit” from the first menu and you’ll see all the classes. WOD is the normal class. The daily workout is in view on our front page here.